Police Operation it home


Police Operation it home

"The Punjab Police has another major achievement to its name. They carried out an operation in such a way that if you catch them, you will be above them. There was a party going on in a house, and as a result of this party, the police apprehended 47 boys and girls from the scene. They were promptly arrested and transferred to jail. Among them were 22 girls and the remaining 27 were boys. These were all high-class people who were driving brand new cars, including Mercedes-Benz and BMW, parked outside every house. This party was a birthday party for a lucky girl whose name is Bakht, and she's known as Bakhtawar Anjum. She was not wearing Eastern attire at her birthday party; however, all the girls were dressed modestly, and they were enjoying themselves with the boys.

During this, it turned out that out of the 47 people, each of them had friends who were not allowed entry into the party. They called them through WhatsApp, and after the call, they arrived at the house. They brought in a guy named Merle Adnan, who was sitting in front. He claimed to be an MNA Riaz Sahib's son, who is an MNA from Shahdara Lahore. While the investigation was ongoing, it was revealed that he was lying, and he was not the son of that MNA. He attempted to intimidate the police, but during this time, the police threatened him back. The police estimated that there were more people downstairs than the loud sound suggested; they were not just a few, but a significant number. Afterward, the police called more officers, including Dolphin Force personnel and constables. They were also summoned to the party venue, where they found a gathering full of people inebriated with alcohol.

A scuffle broke out, and then a dance was initiated. The police ordered the music to stop, and they asked why the music was turned off. It seemed they didn't realize that the police were in uniform; it was not just one police officer, and there were also women officers with them. The police made their demands, and after that, everyone was indulging in their own vices. All the cars I mentioned earlier, the Audi, Fortuner, and Mercedes-Benz, were parked outside because the police had their own vehicles, and they also had police officers in them. They conducted raids, arresting people and taking them to the station. The station was very close, just a couple of blocks away.

When they entered the police station, there were as many Mercedes-Benz cars as there were police cars, taking all the party boys and girls along with them to the station. When they reached the police station, something interesting happened. It turned out that for the last four hours, they had been totally out of control. They didn't know what was happening with them. Inside, there were about three or four girls who were demanding phone chargers from the constables, ASIs, and even the inspector. They were saying, 'Kindly give us a charger for the phone.' Those poor people were quite impoverished. They were middle-class people, and they didn't have phone chargers. They only had mobiles with buttons; they didn't have the cable for the iPhone. So, for three to four hours, they were making demands, and the police head, who was present there, couldn't believe his eyes. It was a fascinating sight. Some girls were so intoxicated that they didn't even realize they were being detained at the police station."


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