Imran Riaz Khan has been released today news for imran khan


Imran Riaz Khan has been released.Journalist Imran Ritz Khan returns home 'safely' Imran Ritz khan released

 First of all, Let me give you the good news that Imran Riaz Khan has been released and he has been kept in jail for four months, After

four months later, he was picked up from the airport by the police and was picked up from Sialkot, then he was taken away by some unknown people from the police. But still, the police did not release him due to stubbornness and while the Lahore High Court also ordered to present Imran Riaz, Islamabad did not release him, then the Islamabad High Court suspended him at the same time and issued warrants for IG Islamabad. The biggest thing on this occasion is that we gave good news to Imran Riaz and also gave good news to his family and advised Imran Riaz to be careful with Indah. It has also been told that Imran Riaz has become very weak and is also worried to a great extent. Who is his lawyer has given breaking news, he has given breaking news that he has said that he has been a political target and he was discussed he was not arrested at the behest of Nawaz Sharif, but he was released at his behest. At the same time, I also give you another piece of news after Imran Khan was in Attock Jail, The Chief Justice of The

Islamabad High Court Amir Farooq ordered the policemen to shift Imran Khan to Adiala Jail and this order was given many times by the court, but still, this order was not complied with. He will now be sent to Adiala Jail because the accused in all such cases are transferred to Adiala Jail, so Imran Khan should be shifted to 18 jail at that time and not kept in Attock Jail, so the police are now making arrangements for it, but before that Imran Khan will be presented in the court. After this, Imran Khan's bail is very difficult

because there are a lot of cases against Imran Khan, the first case was of Tosha Khana in which he was caught, and then as soon as the Islamabad High Court granted bail in the Toshakhana case in it, he was immediately arrested in the safar case and this was the cipher case. Due to this,

my government has been toppled, and Imran Khan has been arrested again in the same cipher case. After that, there were many bigger cases against him, such as BRT Malam Jabba-ul-Qadir Trust. He did a telethon for the flood victims, billions of rupees were made in the telethon, and to date not a single rupee has been spent and now this case has also been filed in the court because billions of rupees have been embezzled in it. Court for


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